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Be Wary of Bad Advice

Do you ever read cash flow articles to learn how to improve your cash flow?

If you do, beware of the advice you read! Most articles have "common knowledge" lists that are often bad decisions for many businesses! There is usually a final recommendation that directly relates to something that the author is selling.

Worst of all, the fixes are usually cosmetic but don't dig down into fundamental profitability.

If you want to fix YOUR cash flow, I suggest the following to start:

  1. List all of the issues that you know are causing your problems
  2. Start fixing the biggest problem and the easiest problem to fix at the same time.
    - Fixing the easiest problem will give you momentum
    - Fixing the biggest problem will help you the most

    Here is the key issue: Are you fixing the underlying problems or just the symptoms?

    If you are just fixing symptoms, you will have the problem over and over again.

    Any thoughts?

    E-mail me your comments at [email protected]


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