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What People are Saying...

"My company would have been dead months ago if I had not met David Safeer.

If your business is suffering financially, too much going out,
not enough coming in, talk to him."

Two Eagles Marcus
Owner, Women's Lifestyle Magazine

"David's (Cash Flow Management Training ) provides a simple, easy to understand process for any business owner or company to see where the "bleeding" is occurring.

You'll be amazed on how much more profitable your business could be by making some simple adjustments.

Highly recommended."

Cliff Pelloni
Owner, Efluential Publishing

"I can say without reservation that David is a trustworthy individual. He carries out everything he says he will do in a timely and professional manner. Over the dozens of in- person and phone conversations I have had with him, I have always been impressed by how quickly he acts on the items discussed.
His management style is direct, effective, and tailored to the individual on the receiving end.
He is able to perceive what type of management is needed at any given moment and comes through effectively.
He operates at a high level of excellence and I have been impressed by his ability to bring others up to that standard in a caring way."

Amanda Grow
Owner, College Fast Lane

"We have seen nothing but positive attitude and assurance from David. He has taught us skills to help us better analyze each business decision and its possible impact on our store."

Wallace R
General Manager, Outdoor Power Tool Retailer

"Thank you so much for all you did for me. Thank you for making me want to be better in my business and to try things that I think are difficult."

Andra Cefalo
Owner, Andra's Dreamcations

"I'm a designer, not a business woman, so deciding to start my own business was completely overwhelming. David helped me to organize my thoughts, listened to all of my ideas, and helped me turn them into an organized, well thought out business model that I could easily follow. He covered everything from production to sales to marketing.

David didn't tell me what to do, he showed me how to take my creative ideas and make them work in a business setting, and how to play to my strengths."

Claire Lawrence
Owner and Designer, Claire Debonaire

"His aptitude in so many areas of business is ‘slightly overwhelming,’ and if there’s anything that he’s not able to do directly, he knows the right person to connect [you] with."

Michael Perlman
SLC Chamber, Membership Chair

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