What clients are saying...


Brad Stevenson


"The biggest impact so far has been the Mastermind. Being able to float ideas or issues out to [David] and the other members in the Mastermind have been really great. And then the resources with the Mastermind, slides and questionnaires and things, it's like light bulbs keep going on for me."

John Roland


"The Cash Flow Advisory Certification Program was easy to follow and easy to understand. I was kind of surprised myself that I got through it so fast, but I think that's because I enjoyed it... I'm excited to apply what I've learned."


Nicole Landau


"I was on vacation when this call came in and they needed it urgent…[David] jumped in and set up calls daily and started setting up the cash flow model right away. I was very comfortable with just letting you run with it.”

Craig Barlow

Accountant, MBA

"Working together was enlightening because David was looking at all aspects of the business, not just the accounting… I take a more holistic approach to the company now. The cash flow tool that we used together was amazing. I use that same tool with everybody that I meet with.”


Nathan Beckstead


"The cash flow spreadsheet gave me such peace of mind."


Jennifer Kraus


“The way we were doing business, we weren’t going to make it. The model that [David] developed for us has opened our eyes to where the money needs to be going to get ourselves out of this hole. It’s been a great experience.”


Jeremy Burke

Director of Development

"The Cash Flow Advisory Certification Program shares all of David's knowledge and experience in a practical approach of "let's start at the beginning" and works its way up to expert level."

Sharon Custer

Inventory Optimization Consultant

"It is incredible how much David shared with us.

He condenses his years of business experience and transforms them into the valuable mindset we should have...

After taking the course, I am very confident in managing my business.

I know exactly how to organize my information, solve the problems I have, and achieve the goals I want."

Claire Lawrence

Owner and Designer, Claire Debonaire

“I'm a designer, not a businesswoman, so deciding to start my own business was completely overwhelming.

David helped me to organize my thoughts, listened to all of my ideas, and helped me turn them into an organized, well-thought-out business model that I could easily follow. 

David didn't tell me what to do, he showed me how to take my creative ideas and make them work in a business setting, and how to play to my strengths."

Andra Cefalo

Owner, Andra's Dreamcations

"Thank you so much for all you did for me. Thank you for making me want to be better in my business and to try things that I think are difficult."

Michael Perlman

Membership Chair, Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce

“His aptitude in so many areas of business is slightly overwhelming. He's always looking for ways to help people in all aspects of business and if there's anything he's not able to do directly, he knows the right person to connect [you] with."

Cliff Pelloni

Business Owner

"David's [cash flow management training] provides a simple, easy-to-understand process for any business owner or company to see where the 'bleeding' is occurring.

You'll be amazed at how much more profitable your business could be by making some simple adjustments.

Highly recommended."

Amanda Grow

Business Owner

“I can say without reservation that David is a trustworthy individual... 

David's management style is direct, effective, and tailored to the individual on the receiving end...

He is able to perceive what type of management is needed at any given moment and comes through effectively."

Jacob Maynard

Owner, J2 Construction

"I really appreciate that you went above and beyond to adjust the model to fit our business. We’ve been on jobs lately that have paid quick but that’s changing now and I’m leaning more on the model now to give me clarity for our future cash position/needs. The model is super easy for me to understand and get what I need from it."

Michael Brown

Hearing Care Professional

“I am impressed with David’s vision of how he can help small and large businesses alike become more efficient and effective. I am equally impressed by the way he is going about accomplishing that vision! I am happy to give my recommendation.”

David Cunic

CEO, U.C.S. Advisors

“David is 100% a true professional at his craft. He has great customer service, solid follow-up, and has a proactive approach. Working with David makes my job easier. I would recommend his services."

Scott Mason

Transformational Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

"His focus on cash flow management... and the hidden ways it shows up within a business's operations makes David an invaluable partner for any owner or CEO looking to create a truly scalable and sustainable business."

Martin Holland

Owner, Anneal Business Coaching

"David is a prolific advisor and keeps important problems and solutions in the forefront. Humble and generous with his knowledge and time."

Sean Moskowitz

Financial Services Alliance Manager, Tipalti

[David] speaks from knowledge and experience and he has been able to mentor me over the last 6 months of engaging and steadily interacting with one another."

William Plange

Owner, Mr. Plange Services

“I really want to endorse David Safeer... my business transformed within 3 months when I had struggled financially, running from debt to debt. Now, what a big transformation. Thanks, David."

Tiago Rocha

Operations and Service Manager

"He has a good background and I believe that for his experience in different countries, he doesn´t think like an American, Brazilian, Argentine, etc. David has an open mind looking for the best result on the task."

Ari Hunsaker

National Account Manager

After David's arrival, sales grew and market-share increased, and yet he still maintained tight control of costs."

Two Eagles Marcus

Owner, Women's Lifestyle Magazine

My business would have been dead months ago if I had not met David Safeer.

If your business is suffering financially, too much going out, not enough coming in, talk to him."