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Can You Grow Sales While Running at Full Capacity?

margins revenue sales Aug 23, 2022

As a manufacturer running at full capacity, can you still grow sales?

That all depends on your creativity, your willingness to say “no” to clients and products, and your ability to analyze sales.

Let me tell you about a success story along these lines...

My clients were at maximum capacity.

Sales were falling.

Margins were falling faster.

We analyzed and adjusted the product mix, distribution channels, and pricing model.

The result?

In about one month the distribution model changes were generating an additional $20,000 a month in sales.

The incremental sales generated 95% margins.

These were perpetual results for a company with about $2.1 Million in annual revenue.

Want to learn more?

Do you have questions about how we achieved this?

E-mail me your comments at [email protected]


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Flat Volume with Increased Sales and Profits


A few weeks ago I broadcast this information about how to increase sales and profits without increasing volume of any kind. 

Listen in to hear about a specific case study where I made this happen for my client.

If you want to learn more and talk with me, follow this Calendly link to sign up for a brief introductory meeting. The webinar I mentioned in the broadcast will have passed, but I am always available for a chat.

How have you managed your business when money gets tight? Let me know in the comments!


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