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Become an Indispensable Advisor.

We help you turn your accounting or bookkeeping business into a profit center for your clients, while you earn up to $30,000 in additional monthly revenue.

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As a financial advisor you should be delivering extremely valuable insights into your client’s business and helping them increase cash flow and profits!

However, if you are like most accountants we know, you were trained to accurately report the past and now compete on price instead of value.

And it’s frustrating when up to 80% of your clients have cash flow challenges. You want to help them but don’t know how. They are profitable on paper, but you can’t fix their constant cash shortages.


Instead of spending your time building profitable companies with positive cash flow, there's a good chance: 

  • You're unsure how to get started talking to current clients about cash flow advisory services, scope of work, pricing, and delivery models. And how do you position yourself in the marketplace to find new clients so you can compete on your value instead of price?
  • You're terrified of making mistakes and giving your clients bad advice because you don’t know how to pre-calculate the impact of your advice to ensure that they will see expected results in cash flow and profits?
  • You're frustrated that your mind won’t shift from accurately archiving financial results using accounting rules to creating a future of growth and profitability, where the only limits are imagination and creativity. 
  • You're annoyed with standard accounting reports that only show your clients how to look backward but are not enough to help clients create the future of their business.
  • You're overwhelmed thinking about everything you need to establish yourself as a cash flow and profit advisor. You need a place to get questions answered, learn an engagement framework, and find cash flow and profit strategy resources. You want the security of a peer group and mentor to gain industry expertise, share ideas, and help you through client issues.
  • You’re sickened by the amount of revenue you are missing by only billing for core accounting and bookkeeping because you know advisory fees for addressing all areas of a company can be huge.

My first consulting client was sitting in front of me with tears in his eyes.

He handed me financial reports and said, "My accountant tells me I've made a $250,000 profit. Where is my money? I can't make payroll in two weeks."

I've had the same conversation many times with business owners who are confused and panicked. Their profitable companies don't have funds in the bank.

The accountants and bookkeepers who work with me observe that at least 80% of their small business clients have cash flow challenges. These financial professionals don't know how to help their clients, even with their accounting background.

They are trusted advisors who care about their clients. They want their clients to succeed. And the clients are counting on them. Who else can they turn to?

Almost 600,000 small businesses in the United States fail each year. 65% of them are profitable when they fail.

Why do they fail?

Cash flow.

"You can earn $3,000 - $30,000 per month providing cash flow advisory services."

82% of small business failures involve cash flow issues, according to one study.

Most small companies are constantly concerned about cash in the bank, and all organizations benefit from managing the cash flowing in and out of their bank accounts.  They need someone to turn to for help.

Accountants want to help their clients but often lack the skills. They see clients in trouble and want to help. Accountants want to be seen as an investment so their clients could see a return on their investment, not an expense.

Over time I have developed hundreds of tactics and strategies to help maximize cash flow for businesses from $1 Million - $20 Million in sales.  

My Cash is Clear™ Cash Flow Advisory Certification Program teaches accountants how to provide Cash Flow Advisory services.

You already know how to document the past. I teach you how to shape the future and help your clients’ businesses thrive.

YOU can be part of the solution, help your clients create a better future, and earn an additional $1,000 - $3,000 per client each month.

Let's talk about how you can get started today.


Maximizing Client Cash Flow Training

Everything a financial professional needs to have the tools and confidence to be a cash flow advisor earning an additional $5,000 - $50,000 per month.


Learn to manage cash flow like an expert. 

Then move to cash flow optimization and improving profitability. Every company has dozens of opportunities to improve.

You'll have hundreds of tactics and strategies at your fingertips to choose from.


Start thinking like a cash flow expert.

Make critical changes in how to think about money and time. Learn how to stop following the rules and start being creative. Instead of looking for mistakes, find opportunities.

The past is history. Start creating the future.


Get real-life experience and answers.

Meet with David and other financial pros weekly. These group sessions explore case studies and provide real-time answers to your toughest questions, along with peer support.

Become part of this exclusive experience.


"David taught me how to win the cash flow game, and in turn, I now teach others how to run successful businesses.

I learned how to make strategic decisions using cash flow forecasting and sales trends to increase a business’s top and bottom lines."

Jennifer Krause

CEO Stride Accounting 

"Working together was enlightening because David looked at all aspects of the business, not just the accounting… I take a more holistic approach to a company now. The cash flow tool that we used together was amazing. I use that same tool with everybody that I meet with.”

Craig Barlow
Accountant, MBA

"The cash flow advisory certification program shares all of David's knowledge and experience in a practical approach of "let's start at the beginning" and works its way up to expert level."

Jeremy Burke, Director of Development
Dryrun, Financial Modeling to Cash Management Software 

"The biggest impact so far has been the Mastermind. Being able to float ideas or issues out to [David] and the other members in the Mastermind has been really great.

And then the resources with the Mastermind, slides and questionnaires and things, it's like light bulbs keep going on for me."

Brad Stevenson

"The Cash Flow Advisory Certification training was easy to follow and easy to understand. I was kind of surprised myself that I got through it so fast, but I think that's because I enjoyed it. I'm excited to apply what I've learned."

John Roland
Accountant, Roland QBO Financials LLC

One of Northern Virginia Magazine's Top Financial Professionals of 2022

I am David Safeer, cash flow expert and founder of Cash is Clear Learning Systems.
I want you to have personal and professional success.
To have that success, you must show your clients value, differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and be paid well for your knowledge. The problem is that you don’t know how to reach the next level, making you feel stuck and frustrated.

I believe you should be able to find clients, help their businesses, and be paid well for the value you bring.

I understand the frustration of trying to stand out in a crowded field and justifying my hourly rate. That is why I am helping accountants level up their careers and find joy in helping their clients.
The best part? Finding professional fulfillment, earning more, and helping people will help you have the time and energy to build the life you want to lead.


Move forward today!

  • Jump on a free 15-30-minute call with David.
  • During this valuable conversation, we'll discuss what you are trying to accomplish for your career and your practice.
  • Together, we will discover if cash flow advisory is right for you.
  • Start with a 1-on-1 strategy session to chart your course. 
  • Take the immersive online training at your own pace.
    • Lessons show you the tactics and strategies to implement with your clients.
    • Mindset exercises help you think like a cash flow expert. 
  • Learn through real-life case studies and strategize solutions with your peers during mastermind discussions.
  • We teach you to tap into your existing customer base.
  •  You gain the knowledge and confidence to help your clients manage and maximize their cash flow.
  • Our clients' typical first advisory engagement is for a $1,000 - $5,000 monthly fee from an existing client. 

Get started with some simple tactics.

Download your free eBook, "10 Easy, No-Risk Habits to Start Managing Cash Flow Today" to start providing advisory services now.


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