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Who's on Your Team?

The quality of your team can have a HUGE impact on your cash flow. You are much better off paying ABOVE market wages and benefits to a smaller number of "A" and "B" players than trying to save some money hiring average people at lower wages.

Here are two examples:

  • A manager at a bridal shop who ran all sales and marketing. She was not paid in line with the results, asked for more, was told "no", so she left. When the store owner realized how much work was being done, a sales manager and a marketing manager were hired. The sales manager wasn't up to the job and quit after a few months.
  • We reorganized a division that was losing a LOT of money. We laid off 50% of the workforce that did not have the skills or attitude that was needed. We rehired back 25% of the headcount with people with the right skills. We needed to pay much more per person and saved very little on compensation. The smaller team produced much better results and we were profitable within 1 year. 

People think that this is harsh. I think it's reality. In any situation, there are some people that will perform better than others. I prefer to pay them more and let the others find different opportunities.

Am I too harsh? What would you do? Let me know in the comments!

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